We are very happy to assist you with an installation of your cabinets. Prior to ordering your cabinets we will provide installation quote and once accepted ,we will  go over details and installation contract will have to be signed as well as  deposit for installation will have to be charged. 

As we require a full payment for your cabinet order, the installation cost will be schedule in fees as follow:

50%- initial deposit

40%- delivery of material

10%- job completion

Once the cabinets are ordered, we can schedule  time to start the installation.

The installation time will depend on the project scope, it will usually take few days. 

 Appointment will be arranged for the installer to measure the space before you place the order for cabinets. 

This service is included in your installation cost. We can only install a cabinets after we have the proper measurements taken by our installer. 

To estimate your installation cost different factors have to be taken to consideration, like size of your kitchen, quantity of the cabinets, level of difficulty, custom work, style, assembly and your location. 



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